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Copy, Paste & Bang! - A step-by-step guide for men to meet women on the internet and get laid!

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Testimonials & Success Stories

Copy, Paste & Bang! has helped thousands of guys just like you to meet women and get laid using online dating services like and Ashley Madison.

I've posted a few below, but I get so many emails and blog posts everyday from guys who have read the book and are banging more chicks in a month than they ever thought they would in a lifetime that I can't post them all.

It's the stories like these that are the reason why I wrote Copy, Paste & Bang! and why Howard Stern says "Go out and buy this book now!"

Fellas, I’m 42 years old, 5′8″, 335 lbs, and ugly as hell. I posted my current pic on my profile at POF, and asked the girls to rate my pics, on the old 1-to-10 scale. I came in at a solid 2.5, and I was HAPPY with that, having given myself a 1….And if my looks weren’t enough of a handicap, my lack of game was even worse. I couldn’t get any girl at any bar to talk with me. I got one-word answers from the polite ones, and completely blown off by the rest…AND BEAVER’S BOOK GOT ME LAID THIS WEEKEND, WITH A GIRL I WROTE TO ON MY FIRST DAY OF INTERNET DATING! I’m just coming out of a 17-year marriage. I thought my sex life was over. And thanks to Beaver, I feel like I just lost my cherry again.Not only that, but I’ve got replies from three other girls at the same time. Next step is to get THEIR numbers, and run the CP&B playbook step by step again.
Beaver, I’m indebted to you forever, you’ve changed my life, and no, I’m not overstating it. Thank you so much.

(I know this sounds like a phony testimonial, all this over-the-top hype and praise. In fact, I hope you DON’T believe it, and DON’T buy the book, because I don’t want the competition on those dating sites! I want it to remain Me vs All The Idiots Who Don’t Know What They’re Doing. But I know that Beaver recognizes this as an unsolicited testimonial. I feel indebted to the guy, so if I can help him sell a few books, that’s the least I could do. Thanks again, Beav!)


I just finished your book and I feel like the man! I went to work with loads of confidence and women noticed!


Yo Beave!!

I just finished your advice tome on interweb sexual shenanigans and I have to say it was a very FUNNY, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL read!! I give it my highest recommendation!! If you are a guy who is not getting laid or you have tried internet dating sites and either 1)had no luck or 2)only got responses from the “Plenty of Fat Divorcees” out there (it’s more than “a few extra pounds” honey) then by all means buy Beave’s book, lather up with some foaming hand soap and prepare to spend the rest of your natural born life BANGING!!

Thanks Man!!



Trust me… you read and do what he tells you …you will never have to wank again. Congrats Beave!


In looking at the tips in the book, it is all common sense. I can't believe that more people just don't know that these things work. On another note, there is this girl I’ve been talking to online for about 8 months, I’ve seen her on the webcam and whatnot, so I know she is who she claims to be, lol. I have asked her several times if we could talk on the phone and ASKED her for her number… never would she give it to me. Just the other night, she was telling me this story about her day and it seemed like it was going to be a long one, so I said, “Hey, give me your number so you can tell me this and not have to type it all.” The next thing I received from her was her number. I don’t know why I never realized any of this before. It doesn’t take dishonesty or being “a player” to get the girls you want. All you have to do is follow the steps in the book and you’re golden! I can definitely see how this stuff will even work when (if) I am ready to find a serious relationship. I feel so much more confident now and I’ve only been using your ideas for a day. BTW, I have received 6 more emails from different girls (all telling me how funny I am ).

Thanks again for everything!


Yo Beav!

ok, I heard you on Stern, I bought the book.
Finally got around to reading it.
Did what you said.

First week:

Banged some chick last night!
It was the first time we met.

Beaver,…you fucking rock!!


Well i just got your book a week ago. And man, let me tell you that it really works. I just did what you said in the book and now girls are hitting me like you wouldn't believe. GUYS!!! You need to get this book.

Thanks Beave.


THANK YOU!!!! I finished reading your book in one night and started sending messages two weeks ago. So far I have met and banged three women and one of them I banged right in the middle of the parking lot and the place we met. I love you( Not Homo though) This book is amazing! If you need a testamonial ever just let me know!!!!! Thank you again!


Read the book last week and updated my profile using your suggestions, since then they have been all over my jock. Locked up a 7 last night in the back seat of my car and have something lined up this Tuesday with a 7.5.

Beave you ARE the man, would have paid $100 for your book.




Beaver Phillips is a 13 year veteran of the online dating scene. Over the years he has refined a system which has allowed him to bang a steady stream of ass.
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